I’m against the legalization of marijuana

I have dread locks and I’m against the legalization of marijuana. It’s true.. I’m really really against it. Let me tell you why.

1. Legality status is almost always an economic decision cleverly masked as a personal libery issue. Take the American Revolution as an example. We romanticize the memory of the Revolution as an epic battle for “liberty and justice for all.” Yet the catalyst to the war was the Boston Tea Party. People wanted the British government to stop taxing their shit and taking their stuff. The freedom and liberty and all that was cool but the motivation was MONEY.

Today, when the government has a stake in the outcome and private companies have profits to worry about, THEN we start to consider the legality of something like marijuana. The only reason the legalization of marijuana is being considered is for the money: the revenue generated from taxation for the federal government, and the potential profits for big businesses.

NOT for personal liberty. NOT for freedom. And NOT so you can smoke pot.

2. This is strictly speculation, but I believe legalization will result in more marijuana-related arrests for the reason I stated above. It is a simple concept in business that, if you are looking to maximize profits, you do your best to eliminate the competition. For big businesses to sell marijuana and maximize profits, they must own most – if not all – of the production of it. That means somehow eliminating the buy-it- off-your-drug-dealer-friend option.

Same for the government. It is illegal to sell ANYTHING without collecting sales tax on it. If you were to sell your friend pot, the government would not receive that tax money. This leads to all sorts of regulations, making it extremely difficult for individuals to maintain a small-scale operation legally. History does not favor small businesses.

The best example I can think of is Time Warner Cable. TWC is a monopoly that controls how you receive cable TV and the internet. You can, with your own brain and ingenuity, construct a box that can deliver cable television to your home. However, that is illegal. But wait…. cable TV is not illegal, and neither is the internet…. if AND ONLY IF you buy it through Time Warner Cable.

It really does pain me to destroy the utopian hippie dream where legalization of marijuana means cultivating acres of pot on your own land, but that’s not what it means. Legalization means regulation, and regulation is not freedom.

3. I would be suspicious of the quality of “marijuana cigarettes” I could buy from big businesses.

Think McDonalds. Think dollar store brand Macaroni and Cheese.

Companies are treating consumers like shit today unless they have thousands of dollars to spend, which most of us don’t. They do not need or want those of us living on a tight budget.

Have you noticed the increase in options for everything you can buy? There used to be yogurt before “Greek Yogurt.” Now, if you want actual yogurt and not thin, watery crap, you spend more on this “Greek” stuff. What I’m getting at is this: Whatever it is you are looking to purchase, there are numerous price options available to you. However, the cheapest option is an empty option to make you feel like you have affordable choices. It is a trick. I like to call this “less for more, and more for more.” That’s the way the economy works now. It will be the same with marjiana.

Pure, effective marijuana will be a commodity reserved exclusively for the rich.

4. I don’t know anyone personally that has fought the good fight and neither do you. So who is pushing for the legalization of marijuana? What are their motives? I’m cynical, so I automatically don’t trust them. They don’t have my best interest in mind.


This scares the shit out of me.

5. The whole idea of buying Marb marijuana cigarettes is disgusting. We can just look at what cigarette companies have done to pure tobacco to see what would happen (see #3 above).

I do not want business to regulate the price of marijuana.

I do not want want marijuana cigarettes available for purchase at Walmart.

I certainly DO NOT want a greased up cowboy trying to sell me weed!!!

What else does legalization mean, when it comes down to it? Like I said, it certainly does not and will never mean you can legally buy marijuana off a friend. It will mean you can buy marijuana the way you’re supposed to: In line at Walmart. In a controlled environment. Under a camera. Asking the cashier to get you a pack from behind the locked cage.

If that isn’t the most anti-pot thing you can think of, please comment with something more horrifying than that.

It was never okay that anyone got arrested for possession of a plant. It’s silly and embarrassing. Just because I am “out” against legalization does not mean that I support the criminalization of marijuana. I’m just like you. I have my sights set on hippie utopia. Legalization is not the way to get there.


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